All About Invisalign

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There are so many adults and teens in our Calgary, AB office who would love to have their teeth straightened but that are unwilling to go through the long and unsightly process of traditional metal br...


Life with Braces – 5 Tips to Help

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Whether you are a teen or an adult, getting braces is a big decision, however, it will be worth it when your braces are removed and you have the most beautiful, dazzling, healthy smile.Until that day ...


Do I Need to Wear a Retainer?

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Ah, braces. How we love them. And we encourage our patients to love them, too. Because even if they are slightly inconvenient or cause some discomfort, they are well worth the effort in the end. A bri...


Am I Too Old for Braces?

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Many patients come in to our Calgary office wondering if they have missed their window of opportunity to receive orthodontic treatments. They think they might be too old to have braces or it’s too lat...


Questions to Ask Your Orthodontist about Invisalign

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At The Smile Spot Calgary, we’re proud providers of one of today’s most popular orthodontic treatments: Invisalign. It’s little wonder why it’s become a sought-after treatment: Invisalign ...